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            Welcome中国体彩官方app苹果 to The GaryVee Audio Experience

            Check out my most recent podcast episode here:

            I’ve always talked about how the future will be audio and voice focused.

            The same way I felt about social media in 2006/7/8, I feel about podcasting, audio and voice today in 2019. On my global top 100 iTunes podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience, you’ll hear episodes of my favorite series called the #, a mix of my best highlights from my documentary video series, keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews, fireside chats, and any of my new and current thoughts that I record specifically for this audio experience!

            To listen to on Google 中国体彩官方app苹果, simply say “Ok Google, listen to The GaryVee Audio Experience Podcast.” The same works for the Amazon

            Alexa, Echo and Show.

            Leave a review on iTunes and let me know what you think <3!

            Here’s what you should listen to first:

            My 12 track debut mixtape/rant session giving you the blueprint on how to be successful in today’s modern world. This project may be my best and most important work to date as I was able to find more clarity and energy on the 12 to 24 themes I continue to express and read in comments, emails, and DMs… every single day from fans and haters alike. I was able to dig a little deeper into myself, my community and my content in a way that you wouldn’t normally expect.

            This episode needs to be heard. Nipsey was taken away way too early and we made this podcast to ensure his legacy continues. The chemistry was there right away and this 50 minute episode will give you insight into why I believed in him so much. You’ll hear my tribute video to Nipsey followed by our original meeting in 2018 so you can really see how real our friendship was.

            As you all know the #AskGaryVee show has been a staple of mine for over 4 years and really help me build what is now VaynerNation. With over 300 shows to date we’ve had some really special guests, and for some reason the best calls ironically have been the last caller of the show. Enjoy this hour long mash-up of some of the all-time greatest last #AskGaryVee calls.

            This is the THIRD time I’ve been on The Breakfast Club, easily one of my favorite groups in the world to hang with. Cha tha god and the rest of the crew always make the show total fire, and I loved jumping into this one. Some serious fire in here! Jumping between keeping a young mindset (feeling 24, when you’re 42), the idea, creation and launch behind my K-Swiss sneaker and why I’ll never do business with Michael Jordan

            Check out my new podcast series where my team flags emails in my inbox that could be valuable for this community. In these episodes you’ll hear answers to emails that resonated with me as well as phone calls with people who wanted some advice.

            This is easily one of my most ALL TIME interviews. We started this one off going into a topic that I touch on a lot-  that every generation is beginning to learn faster and faster and keep up more with technology. I dove into the value of Instagram & social networks with Larry, explaining how the “Jab jab jab, right hook” mentality fits in and works within content promotion. Then we dive into what I see as the top emerging platforms, what to look out for and why. This is easily one of my favorites.

            Entrepreneurship today really needs to be more grounded in practicality. I really implore you all to either start saving cash or invest your cash back into your business – the economy isn’t going to be good forever, and when things get slow, people aren’t going to talk about things like “passive income” the same way they do today.